WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Survivor New Zealand. Stream the latest episodes right here.


1. Reward Challenge

This week’s Reward Challenge was a one-on-one battle, where contestants had to try and knock over a statue held by their opponent. 

The prize was hotly-contested, fishing gear! Needless to say, it had the hunter-gatherers very excited, especially since they'd seen heaps of fish in the lake that morning. 

Fuelled by desperate determination and a need to prove themselves, Chani put up one hell of a fight. 

They beat Khang Khaw 10-3 to take home the Reward.

2. Communal Idol

Arriving back at Chani camp, Eve found a piece of parchment tucked into their new fishing net. 

Not thinking on her feet, Eve announced her discovery. Unluckily for her, the rest of her tribe were all within earshot. 

She had no choice but to share the clue with all of them, throwing away her chance of finding a hidden Immunity Idol for herself. 

So Chani agreed the Idol would belong to all of them, and they hunted for it as a team. They gave it pride of place in their “living room” when they found it. 

Eve pretended that she would have told them anyway, so that the most deserving person could use it later in the game. But we’re pretty sure she was gutted about her slip-up. Her ally JT definitely was.

3. The Outpost

This week’s Outpost challenge saw tough gals Eve and Kaysha battle it out. 

They had to balance a ball on a stick, which grew increasingly longer with every round. 

Concentration was key, and Eve looked solid to begin with. However, Kaysha outlasted her in the end.

The prize was a huge feast of sugary treats, including chocolate brownies, lolly cakes and lemonade. 

Kaysha was weak with excitement, until Matt told her she wasn’t allowed to share it with anybody… 

But Kaysha did us proud, leaving no treat untasted, and practically eating herself into a sugar-induced coma. 

The worst part? When she returned to camp, her tribe thought she was lying about the whole thing.

4. Immunity challenge

This week the contestants had to dive deep, and think deep. 

First they had to collect puzzle wheels, which were tied to a rope submerged in the lake. Then they had to arrange the pieces to spell a 9-letter word. 

Chani made a fatal mistake early on, when they didn’t go for the deepest puzzle piece first. So their rope became tangled and they had trouble releasing more pieces. 

Khang Khaw streamed ahead, and puzzle-master Lisa easily spotted the word they needed to make. They won their fourth consecutive Immunity title, leaving Chani exhausted and heartbroken again. 

5. Tribal Council 

With only seven players left in Chani, nobody felt safe heading into Tribal Council.

They still insisted that they were a tight unit, a family. 

Franky, who'd heard her name being thrown around, began to scramble, seeking reassurance in all the wrong places. 

However, the votes were once again unanimous. Despite playing a hard and fast game, Franky was the third person to be voted out. 

And it's becoming clear that JT is the undercover puppet-master of Chani...

Survivor New Zealand continues Sundays at 7pm on TVNZ 2.