WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Survivor New Zealand. Stream the latest episodes right here.



We don’t think we’ve ever seen people get so excited about some fruit… 

This week’s Reward Challenge had the tribes smash tiles to release keys, which opened a box containing heavy balls. One team member then had to use the balls to smash more tiles. 

Chani fell behind early on, and Brad brought it home for Khang Khaw breaking five tiles in quick succession. 

It was like Christmas when they went back to camp and feasted on watermelon. 


The medics were called a record 3 TIMES during this week’s episode, for three entirely unrelated incidents. 

At the first challenge, Kaysha collapsed in a heap after swimming too hard. 

Shortly after, Adam suffered a vomiting fit caused by dehydration and sunstroke (or maybe he was just overexcited about the watermelon).

Worst of all, Franky almost had to exit the game, when a bad fever knocked her for six. Bedridden and uncommunicative, she struggled through the night, emerging with fresh determination the next morning.


In a surprise turn of events, a new method of gameplay called "The Outpost" was introduced.

A single member from each tribe is sent away to compete for a mystery advantage.  What they choose to tell their tribes is up to them…  

This week Tess and JT went head-to-head in a fire-making challenge. 

JT was outwardly worried that his skills weren’t up to scratch, and he was quite right to be. 

Firebug Tess had an impressive blaze going in just minutes. Her reward was an Immunity Idol clue.

A sneaky JT managed to convince her to share the clue with him, and she was kicking herself for it immediately afterwards. 


Going off his mate Tess’s clue, Brad found an Immunity Idol beneath the mat at the next challenge. 

In one swift moment, he bent down to “tie his shoe” and retrieved the Idol. 

Back at camp, he shared the information with Tess. They speculated about the fact that JT might have retrieved one as well… 


This week’s Immunity Challenge tested the strength and willpower of individual tribe members. 

They were loaded up one-by-one with heavy sandbags, until they could no longer shoulder the load. 

The downtrodden Chani were desperate to take home a win, but Khang Khaw were once again too strong. 

The last remaining Chani member, Arun dropped out while Brad, Josh and Kaysha stayed standing until the end.


A defeated and subdued Chani returned to Tribal for the second time, unhappy about sending another member home. 

Franky pleaded her case, worried that her feverish night would label her as a weak player. 

However, the votes were unanimous.

Everyone (except Karla) agreed that Karla had to go. She’d had bad luck from the start, and didn’t seem to be adjusting well. 

Karla was proud of herself for making it this far, but disappointed as she felt she still had a lot to prove.

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