WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Survivor New Zealand's Season 2 premiere. Watch the full episode right here.


Season 2 kicked off with a challenge, just moments after the castaways arrived at their new lakeside home. 

In true Survivor style, the challenge had a physical element, and a mental one. Contestants had to swim out to a pontoon and fight for a bag of puzzle pieces, which they then had to assemble. 

Tough-girl Jose came out on top, closely followed by Matt

Then they were faced with a schoolkid’s worst nightmare. The winners of the challenge got to select their tribes… 

Uneasy about their power, Jose and Matt selected their team mates, with little knowledge to go by other than physical appearance.

Dylan and Karla both tried to put on a brave face when they were the last two to be chosen.

Chani and Khang Khaw were born. 


In the first reward challenge, the two tribes faced off to win tools for their shelter, and the all-important flint. 

The challenge was simple – find a sack buried in the mud and bring it back to the line. However, the nature of these contestants was not to be courteous. 

They were FIERCE in their desire to score points. They weren’t afraid to be scrappy and tackle hard, some people even came close to drowning in the mud.

Khang Khaw were the stronger team on the day, and Chani were sent home empty-handed. 


Communication was tested in the first team immunity challenge.

Contestants faced a complicated obstacle course that literally tangled them up in knots.

The more important of the two challenges, an exhausted and starving Chani were determined to win.  

It was neck and neck, but Khang Khaw won it in the final moments. 


As night fell, a defeated Chani trudged off for their date with Matt Chisholm

Outspoken Jose unwittingly put a target on her back, having established herself as a leader too quickly. 

Although many agreed that Karla was the weakest link, it was Jose that got more votes. 

A strong player from the start, Jose was visibly surprised and understandably gutted. 

Watch her Exit Interview right here.

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