Survivor New Zealand eliminated contestant, Eve

Throughout her time in the game, Eve, the Hiking Guide from Auckland,  proved herself to be an endurance champion. She had multiple challenge wins under her belt.

But her strenght made Eve a threat, putting her on Matt’s radar to be the next one out.

Lisa, however, had other plans. It was another Survivor bucket list moment for her, finding an Immunity Idol. But it wasn’t quite how she wanted it to go. Lisa and Matt found it together, but as Matt was the one who got to it first, it was technically his Idol.

Matt’s strong social game made him a target for Lisa. She first tried to get the Immunity Idol off him so ‘one owns it and one holds it’. Her plan was that if he didn’t have the necklace he couldn’t use it at Tribal Council and she could vote him off, but she couldn't convince Matt to hand it over.

Matt walked away with the Immunity Challenge win, ensuring his safety from the vote regardless.

The discussion of who would be next out was the topic of conversation at the Phsan camp later on. Matt pushed forward with Eve, but Tara tried unsuccessfully to get numbers against Dave – it was too little, too late.

Five minutes before Tribal Council Tara let Eve know that she was next to go.

Before voting, Eve asked people to vote with their hearts and not play follow the leader. It was an emotional, tearful plea to the Phsan tribe. Eve called out Adam specifically, saying he had more influence in the Tribe than he thought.

The appeal wasn’t enough to save Eve though and she became the fourth member of the Jury.

Reflecting back on her time in the game Eve said: “For me personally, I didn’t find Survivor hard in terms of surviving on a remote island. Apart from that brutal storm which Chani endured without a shelter, that was torture! I enjoyed the simplicity of daily island life and I could’ve easily stayed out there for another month.

“What I really struggled with was the drama, the scheming, the backstabbing. I knew that would be my downfall so I quickly aligned myself with the people I perceived as being strategic players. A massive highlight would be the mates I made out there.”

With Eve leaving the game, there's only one original Chani member left, alongside five old Khangkhaw members. Will Khangkhaw go strong into the final five or will new alliances change the game?

Survivor New Zealand continues Sundays at 7pm on TVNZ 2, stream the latest episodes right here.