Survivor New Zealand eliminated contestant, Renee.

Once the votes were read it was Renee, the 28 year old Real Estate Agent from Auckland who had her torch snuffed.

She joins her fellow eliminated castaways on the Survivor Jury.

Following last week’s blindside of Brad, it was clear the power had changed within the Tribe, with Matt playing puppet master.

In the hours leading up to Tribal Council no one really knew who was heading home.

Tess, Dave, Eve and Renee’s names were all thrown around by different members of the Phsan tribe.

Each fought for their place to stay in the game. Only Adam was safe following his first Immunity Challenge win.

When it came time to make final pleas before the remaining tribe mates, Renee came out swinging. Her argument was clear - Dave had broken the trust in their alliance and he should go.

This time the parchment was stacked against Renee though. Wth five votes against her and only three for Dave, she was the 10th person voted out of Survivor New Zealand.

Reflecting back on her journey in the game Renee said: “My Survivor experience was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I fought hard for my position in the game and was voted out feeling mentally and physically exhausted.

“I entered the game very naive and not knowing what to expect and what I left with was a feeling of achievement. I’m now stronger, wiser and proud of myself for being a part of the toughest game in the world and pushing myself to the absolute limits.”

With only seven left in the game, who will take away the title of Sole Survivor 2018?

Renee becomes the third member of the Jury, follow the behind the scenes when they reunite in Jury Villa

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