Eliminated castaway Brad on Breakfast

Brad is in studio with Matty McLean to talk about how he was blindsided in the latest episode of Survivor New Zealand.

Matty: It was pretty brutal last night. Did you manage to watch the episode?

Brad: I did, I had friends and family round like I usually do and yeah it was a ripper. It was a big blindside and a lot of people there didn’t know what was happening. 

Did you tell your friends and family in advance how far through you made it or did you just keep it all a surprise?

My immediate family knew, they knew everything, but all my friends had no idea. I kept it pretty tight lipped so it was a blindside for a lot of people last night.

What was that moment like for you because you obviously went into tribal semi confident or reasonably confident that you were going to come out of it ok?

Yeah I had a lot of trust in the people I was working with at the time, you know? Trust is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot and you’re never comfortable, like I never feel safe going to Tribal and Tribal’s are super intense so there’s always the chance you’re going home.

But I had a group of people I was working with at the time and we had a plan in place that I thought was obviously going to come into fruition and they chose to play the game. I had some big plans for the coming days but they played me first so kudos to them.

I guess that’s the thing with a game like Survivor, if you’ve got moves you wanna make, you kinda can’t hold onto them right? You’ve gotta play them whenever you can because you never know when it will be too late to make those moves. Do you regret holding on to a couple of the moves you wanted to make?

Yeah like I said, I had something in place. I possibly got a little complacent for the first time that day because I was maybe getting a little bit ahead of myself thinking about the coming days.

What was it that you wanted to do?

 I wanted to take out Matt. Things seemed different between me and Matt since the merge and I got really close with Tara and Lisa and some of these other people that weren’t in my original alliance and so I had a plan that I was starting to develop with Tess and Adam. So yeah, couldn’t quite get there and they decided to take me out early and it was a good move for them.

What was it about you in particular do you think that they targeted last night?

I think a big angle was when it comes to individual challenges. I’ve done relatively well with the challenges and in previous seasons some people have just made their way all the way to the end solely on just winning those immunity necklaces. So I think getting rid of me early was probably a good move.

Also I was close with Lisa so I was talking with Lisa about some plans and also Adam to which they flipped on me so they could communicate with Matt and Dave. They managed to get a pretty big group to go against me in the end.

One of the big storylines of this season is the friendship before they came on the show between Matt and Dave. Was there an inkling on the island at all that those two knew each other in any capacity?

They did really well keeping that hidden and that’s the hand that they got dealt. They didn’t know going on the show that they were gonna both be on the game and they’re using that to their advantage.

It’s hard for us because we are starting relationships and alliances and building those connections from day one and they do have that history and that’s an advantage for them. But we’ll see how things pan out.

That obviously had a massive impact on you getting voted out. If they didn’t have that previous relationship you might have survived last night’s vote right?

Yeah totally and Dave, he was on the chopping block last night and also with the Arun vote as well and the fact that he didn’t play his idol two Tribals in a row now, so he was that confident that he wasn’t going home. That’s quite interesting, that Matt could give him that 100% guarantee that he’s safe, because I had an idol and if I had any inkling, you’re getting that idol out of the pocket.

So you’re on the Jury now, what can we expect from here on in?

Yeah so I’m on the Jury now and I’ve been hanging out with Arun and we haven’t had a lot of game together so it’s been good sort of catching up with him and getting to know him and every three days it’s going to be someone else. End of the day we’re the ones putting the votes in now to find the winner come final three so it’s interesting.