Survivor New Zealand eliminated contestant, Matt

Matt the Rocket Technician was sent home with an Immunity Idol in his pocket following the latest Tribal Council.  

When he didn't win the Immunity challenge, Lisa knew it could be her only opportunity to take out Matt, one of the strongest players in the game.

Already having Tara onside, all Lisa needed was to get Dave to vote with her too. After sharing that Matt had an Idol, and he hadn’t told Dave, it became clear that Matt wasn’t being 100% honest in their relationship.

Dave gave Matt, his childhood friend, the opportunity to come clean with him about the Idol. Dave said, “I’m just looking for a bit of honesty… if you’ve got anything to tell me, I think you should”. After some further prompting Matt finally confessed he found an Idol, but it was clear the damage to the relationship was already done.

Heading into Tribal Council, Matt had forewarning from Dave – play your Idol. Instead, Matt was confident his alliances would stay true.

In a tied vote against Tess, it was Dave’s final vote that sealed the nail in the coffin for Matt. 

When reflecting on his journey, Matt said: “I wanted to experience everything Survivor had to offer; from orchestrating blindsides, being on the bottom after a tribe swap, making merge, winning Individual Immunity, getting my video from a loved one, finding a hidden Immunity Idol and then getting voted out. I was never there for the money, that was just a bonus.

“Naturally I was gutted to leave the show but I wouldn't change anything. I played the game I wanted to play and left everything out there. Full credit to the people involved in my blindside, you got me good! Also, no need to worry, Dave and I are still friends and closer than we have ever been.”

With a new alliance between Tara, Dave and Lisa coming forward, who will be on the chopping block next week?

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