Survivor New Zealand eliminated contestant, Franky

Franky became the third person voted off, in the latest episode of Survivor New Zealand.

The 24-year-old journalist and social media influencer proved she was a strong competitor from Day One with her strong swimming ability.

She was also very determined, fighting through an illness that tried to take her out of the game last week.

In the latest Reward Challenge, Chani’s bad luck looked like it had finally turned. Franky took the match point against Lisa, and secured the much-needed fishing gear and the tribe’s first win.

During the all-important Immunity Challenge, Franky was first to hit the water, return to the puzzle wheel to the pontoon. The lead gave Chani a good chance to take out the win.

However, a critical mistake was made when Franky didn’t release the deepest wheel next, making it difficult for the tribe to untie the remaining wheels. It was an error which ultimately sent Chani back to Tribal Council.

Going into Tribal Council, Franky had faith that her Day One alliance would hold up. She thought Eve would be the next out.

However, the tribe was unanimous; giving six votes to ‘Frank the Tank’ and the second blindside for Chani.

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Reflecting on her elimination Franky says: “I am absolutely gutted that I am going home. I had a lot more to give and I think I proved that in the game. I think it says a lot about Chani as a tribe voting three strong women off in a row. It looks like the boys, or whoever was dictating that decision, were intimidated by strong women which are a real shame.”

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With Chani’s numbers dwindling even further and their strongest swimmer now gone, will they sink or swim?

Survivor New Zealand continues Sundays at 7pm on TVNZ 2.