The final three - Tess, Dave and Lisa

39 days, 18 castaways and 14 Tribal Councils built up to this moment: the reveal of the Jury’s final vote.

The final three all plead their case, stating why they deserved to be the Sole Survivor. 

In the end, it was Lisa the librarian who swayed the Jury and took out the ultimate prize.

When addressing the Jury, Lisa made it clear: if they wanted the winner to be someone who always knew where the votes were going, was never in danger of going home and came into the game with a plan and executed it, then she was the one to vote for. 

When Matt Chisholm read the Jury's votes, it was a neck and neck race between Tess and Lisa, but ultimately a seventh and final vote determined Lisa's fortune.

Survivor New Zealand 2018 winner, Lisa

The biggest super fan of all, Lisa was excited to tick off several Survivor bucket list moments throughout the series: Tribal Council, merge, finding a hidden Immunity Idol, the final three feast and now, the title of Sole Survivor.

Coming into Survivor, Lisa had a clear strategy: appear unassuming and non-threatening and be a ‘number’ for the early votes. After merge, the real game play came out and big moves were made, starting with the blindside of her own alliance member, Matt.

On the big win, Lisa said: “I came in with a plan and it freaking worked! Getting to play Survivor was a dream come true and to win, well, my final Survivor bucket list item has been ticked.”

Stream the Survivor New Zealand 2018 final right here.