Survivor New Zealand host, Matt Chisholm

What’s different? 

We’re going to Thailand. 

That’s right, we’re swapping the Nicaraguan rainforest for a picturesque Thai lakeside.

It might look serene, but tropical rainstorms loom and a whole new class of creepy crawlies are waiting to pounce. 

There’s no Redemption Island.

This time, when they’re gone they’re gone.

Once contestants are voted out by their tribe, there’s no second chances. 

Immunity Idols are in play.

It’s the ultimate Survivor advantage, saving the holder from being voted out.

Once the clues are out there, expect more sly deal-breaking, and more desperate scrambling.

We’ve upped the ante.

The prize is a whopping $250,000, compared to last year’s $100,000.

It’s a life-changing amount of money, and if that doesn’t make them hungry for victory we don’t know what will.  

The challenges are next level. 

From day one, the contestants will be pushed to their limits.

Physically, mentally and emotionally, this game isn’t for the faint-hearted. 

It’s one night only.

Instead of two episodes a week, we’re cutting it down to 15 feature-length Sunday night events.

(And there WILL be an elimination in EVERY episode). 

You’ll get more than you bargained for.

This year, your Survivor NZ experience doesn’t end with the episodes.

We’ll be providing exclusive online companion content, right here every week.

Find out what the contestants are thinking straight after they're eliminated, and get exclusive access to the Jury Villa after the merge. 

What’s the same?

18 contestants at the starting line. 

Just a bunch of ordinary Kiwis, from all walks of life.

But there can be only one Sole Survivor. 

Matty’s back. 

Your favourite enthusiastic host, Matt Chisolm is along for another ride.

“I’m absolutely pumped at the chance to do it all again,” he says. 

It’s the Survivor format you know and love. 

Tribal council, reward challenges, the tribe merge, massive blindsides.

All that goodness that you’ve come to expect from the world’s toughest game, with some epic twists and turns along the way.

Have your say with People’s Choice.

After the tribes merge, you’ll have the chance to vote for your favourite contestant.

The most deserving player will win a special prize, and the title of People’s Choice. 

The new season of Survivor New Zealand premieres Sunday 22 April on TVNZ 2. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!