Survivor New Zealand 2018 contestant, Tara

Name: Tara  

Hometown: Hamilton  

Age: 44

Occupation: Full-time mum 

Currently living in Auckland, Tara is a proud full-time mum of three children while running a charity that distributes second-hand household items to families in need.

A massive adrenaline junkie, Tara has done everything from bungy jumping to driving a car into a moving truck on a race track.

Having been independent since her teenage years, Tara likes to be in control, which could be her biggest weakness entering the island. 

What’s your personal claim to fame?

I’ve never been famous in the literal sense of the word. But I am very proud of the fact I moved out of home at 17 with no money and have worked hard to achieve everything I currently have in my life. So my claim to fame is my three beautiful children and my home.

Why did you apply for Survivor?

I have always loved the game and always said I would love to be on the show. So while watching the Australia Survivor, an advertisement for contestants came on for Survivor New Zealand. My teenage son instantly paused the TV and said, ‘Mum you should do this!’ 

The timing was perfect after being a fully dedicated Mum for the last 15 years I was ready for a challenge just for me.

What survival experience do you have?

None! I live on a lifestyle property so l am quite handy at lighting fires and chopping things down.

What’s your strategy on the island?

To be subtle in my moves until the merge and then try and pull off some big moves, like voting off strong players. Also to be helpful in daily camp life.

What makes you the ideal team mate?

I can cook, light fires, trustworthy and I am open to any ideas.

Why do you think you should win Survivor?

I really want the trophy (there is one right?) to sit on my shelf! I am already a Sole Survivor in real life, and I think I’m more than capable in all aspects of the game making me an all-rounder!