Survivor New Zealand 2018 Contestant, Matt

Name: Matt

Hometown: Auckland  

Age: 25

Occupation: Rocket Technician 

Matt is a real -life rocket man, with a huge love for Survivor and the outdoors. 

Handing in his resignation to his well-paying job, Matt spent two and a half years backpacking and travelling around the world. During this time he walked the length of Spain, which took him 47 days with only two days rest with his girlfriend, who at the end of the walk became his fiancé.  

Having openly admitted he is “no Bear Grylls, but I can fish and crack a coconut”, Matt is hoping his experience travelling the world will help him quickly adapt to the new environment in Thailand. 

Why did you apply for Survivor?

I’m a super fan, so obviously it’s a dream to be able to play Survivor.

What did you do to prepare for Survivor?

Nothing! Like most things in life I just winged it. 

What travel experience in do you have?

I’ve travelled and lived off a shoestring budget for the past few years, surviving on minimal food and sleeping rough.

Thoughts on Alliance or Immunity Idol?

Alliances help you get to the end. Immunity Idols help you when you get into trouble.

What’s your strategy on the island? 

To be my genuine self but to also not be scared to vote anyone out.