Survivor New Zealand 2018 contestant, Lisa

Name: Lisa  

Hometown: Christchurch 

Age: 38

Occupation: School Librarian  

Lisa is hoping that her huge love of board games (which includes a weekly game night at her house) will come in handy when it comes to the puzzle challenges. 

Described by friends as smart and organised, Lisa plans on playing a long strategic game on Survivor New Zealand to get her the title of Sole Survivor. 

Having never been further afield than Australia, this trip to Thailand will bring a brutal new environment that Lisa has never experienced before.   

What did you do to prepare for Survivor?

Got the fittest I’ve ever been (don’t get your hopes up), camped out overnight, researched, researched and researched!

What makes you the ideal teammate?

I am good at puzzles, know a heap about Survivor and try to be respectful of others space and needs.

Thoughts on Alliance or Immunity Idol?

The Survivor fan in me wants there to be all sorts of shifting alliances, advantages, twists and Immunity Idols. The person, who wants to win, wants the most simple a game as possible to cut down on variables. We’ll see which one we get. I think I will be delighted either way because I am playing Survivor!

What’s your strategy on the island?

Be as honest as possible until the perfect time to be dishonest arises, and putting myself in a position with people who will want to stick with me until the end. 

Why do you think you should win Survivor

I don’t think anyone SHOULD win Survivor as there are so many factors in this game – the hardest game in the world. I hope I WILL win Survivor because everyone will see the value in my well-planned long-game strategy.