Survivor New Zealand 2018 contestant, Liam

Name: Liam    

Hometown: Tauranga 

Age: 23

Occupation: Videographer   

Owning the title ‘typical millennial’, Liam is all about going outdoors and having an adventure – be it on land or sea with some form of board in hand. Creating videos for YouTube is his latest venture, so as soon as he heard he was on Survivor New Zealand, he turned his camera on to film his reaction.

With his ultimate pet peeve being people that walk too slow in front of him, Liam is pretty happy to know he won’t be dealing with too many sidewalks in Thailand. 

Why did you apply for Survivor?

I've started trying to go after all the wild dreams I had as a kid. On my bucket list, I had 'go to Thailand, go on reality television and get stranded on a desert island', so three birds with one stone isn’t bad! 

I just want to collect as many experiences as I can and this was such a huge opportunity to get a whole lot of interesting, painful and crazy experiences all wrapped up in one present. The power of saying yes and just applying for stuff is huge - it can take you anywhere. 

How would your friends describe you?

Hard to put in a box. The lads never really know when I’m around or what I'm up to, so they're always shocked to hear about the random scheme I’ve concocted. This whole Survivor thing will just add another level to that!

 What Survival experience in the outdoors do you have?

I’ve always loved the outdoors; hiking is like therapy for me. I’ve never really grown out of the climbing tree stage and absolutely froth over heights, so being able to climb a tree and get a sweet view is always a win. 

The only real survival experience just goes back to being a kid and building little shelters in the forest and making weapons out of sticks.

What did you do to prepare for Survivor?

I ended up doing a lot less then I originally planned to! I had such grand plans to re-watch the Australian seasons and the first New Zealand one, step up my workouts and buy a whole bunch of puzzles to practice with every day.  In the end, I watched the first New Zealand season, took up a bit more running and did at least one puzzle. 

Thoughts on Alliance or Immunity Idol?

My first move straight away when I get to the beach will be to try to find a core group of physical people I can trust and get on with. 

I'm definitely going to be looking for Idols, I think the power of an Idol is immense and anytime you can guarantee your safety is huge!