Survivor New Zealand 2018 contestant, Brad

Name: Brad

Hometown: Nelson

Age: 27

Occupation: Secondary School Teacher 

Brad loves everything Survivor encompasses; conflict, challenges, being in survival mode and the tough environment. He spent most of his childhood in the outdoors climbing mountains, making rafts to float down rivers, hunting, and doing all things ‘Bear Grylls’.

Being a Secondary School Teacher, Brad is hoping his skills at conflict resolution will help him with any issues that come up within his tribe!

What experience in the outdoors do you have? 

I’ve done lots of tramping and camping over the years. I’ve also spent the past two years travelling through South and Central America, including a visit to Nicaragua.  

What was the first thing you did when you found out you were to be one of the castaways on Survivor New Zealand?

I was at school.  So afterschool, (of course!) I cracked a beer from the fridge and celebrated with a friend!

Thoughts on Alliance or Immunity Idol? 

People I like will be the people I would work with and build relationships and alliances. Immunity Idols are important if you need them, or think you need them!

What makes you the ideal teammate? 

Everyone has a part to play in group challenges and events, and I like to try to make sure everyone is acknowledged and knows that they contributed and are an essential part to the team’s success.

Why do you think you should win Survivor

I feel I have a good balance between treating people with respect and being a good person, but also understanding that you need to ‘play the game’ of Survivor to win and to earn votes from the Jury.