Tania Page is of Ngati Kahu and Ngai Tahu descent and has notched up nearly 20 years in TV reporting.

She left NZ in 2005 on a two-year OE which turned into a 13-year odyssey.

She was on the London launch team for Al Jazeera English and travelled throughout the region working on stories as varied as the conflict between Russia and Georgia, anti-austerity riots in Greece and how villages are reviving the ancient whistling language of the Canary Islands.

A 2012 transfer to be the network’s Southern Africa correspondent meant moving to Johannesburg and 6 years of eye-opening experiences, reporting on the very best, and worst, of humankind.

She was a finalist for the Bayeux Calvados War Correspondent prize and an Emmy along with a Best Breaking News Qantas Award.

A proud mother of two young boys and a responsible owner of two South African stray dogs – who’ve relocated to Auckland.

Tania is very happy to be home and part of the SUNDAY team.