Jehan Casinader is a Correspondent for SUNDAY.

He loves nothing more than sitting down with someone for a raw, real conversation.

He joined SUNDAY after six years in daily current affairs, reporting for Close Up and Seven Sharp. Every week, Jehan was on the road, chasing stories up and down the country – and further afield.

Jehan covered the aftermath of the Sydney siege, reported from inside Gloriavale, and explored the secret use of medicinal cannabis.

In 2016, his investigation into a mysterious Rarotonga cemetery revealed that the graves of Kiwi expats were disappearing into the sea.

Back home, Jehan has covered the plight of forgotten towns, including Kawerau and Minginui, where life is tough for many families.

There is a lighter side to the job too - which has allowed Jehan to eat insects on live TV, attempt to shear a sheep (badly), and follow elderly hip-hop stars on a trip to Taiwan.

Born and raised in Lower Hutt, Jehan spends most of his free time eating and drinking in his favourite city, Wellington.