Janet belongs to the small and elite group of correspondents who producers rely on to reel in "the big ones”.

Acknowledged as one of the best operators in the news business, she has lived and breathed TV current affairs since the early 90s.  

Born, bred and educated in Brisbane, she graduated from the University of Queensland.

Janet's journalistic career kicked off as a cadet reporter at Brisbane's Channel 9.  She was on the road cutting her teeth on the day-to-day news in the Sunshine state... but then New Zealand called.

Recruited for the start-up of TV3, she was earmarked as someone to watch, first on 3News then soon 60 Minutes and its successor 20/20. When TVNZ bought 60 Minutes they also bought Janet, who was key to the show’s ratings domination on TV1 for a decade.

In 2002 she was again at the forefront when TVNZ replaced 60 Minutes with its brand new home-grown current affairs show, SUNDAY (fun fact: named by Janet!) and in 2005 she was named TV Journalist of the Year.

"She has a cross-examination technique that would be the envy of any criminal barrister" - that was the considered opinion of one of Auckland's top media lawyers.

When the story is gripping and vital, chances are Janet McIntyre will be telling it to you the way it really happened and with no holds barred as a SUNDAY exclusive.