"She has a cross-examination technique that would be the envy of any criminal barrister". That is the considered opinion of one of Auckland's top media lawyers.

This verdict on Sunday correspondent Janet McIntyre has been confirmed by many distinguished and impartial judges at local and international media award ceremonies. The evidence is her impressive collection of media awards for writing and reporting.

Janet McIntyre has been in the news business for a decade and a half. Born, bred and educated in Brisbane, she graduated from the University of Queensland. Janet's journalistic career kicked off as a cadet reporter at Brisbane's Channel 9. She was on the road cutting her teeth on the day-to-day news in the Sunshine state... but then New Zealand called.

The trans-Tasman leap took place in 1989 when Janet moved to New Zealand for the start-up of TV3. She started on TV3 news but it was a quick ride on to 60 Minutes (then showing on TV3) and its successor 20/20.

The trip to New Zealand was planned as a two-year hitch. More than a decade later, Janet is very much part of the kiwi TV scene.

The gold and silver trophies on the McIntyre mantelpiece look like they belong as she belongs to the small and elite group of correspondents who producers rely on to reel in "the big ones".

When the story is gripping and vital chances are Janet McIntyre will be telling it to you the way it really happened and with no holds barred as a Sunday exclusive.