Has a mental health crisis put our police under seige?                                                                               

Police officers say the number of emergency callouts for mental health related emergencies is skyrocketing.  And they are struggling to cope.

Police officers, patient advocates and a frightened family affected speak out.

Reporter:        Ian Sinclair

Producer:       Steve Butler

Cameras:       Martin Anderson

Editor:            Paul Anderson


When a Kiwi businessman decided to buy cola nuts from the West African country of Sierra Leone, he couldn’t have imagined the impact it would have on the villagers lives … or his.

They had survived a brutal civil war and were still trying to rebuild what they had lost. With Simon Coley’s help, their future now includes the chance of tertiary education for their children and economic self-sufficiency. 

Reporter:       John Hudson

Producer:       Kim Peacock

Camera/Director Sierra Leone: Phill Prendeville

Cameras:       Gary Hopper, Martin Anderson, Ben Ireland

Editors:          Bleddyn Parry, Paul Anderson


Candice Hedge survived the sickening terror attack that left eight dead and more than 50 injured during the horrifying attacks in London two weeks ago.

The Australian came face-to-face with one of the terrorists when he stabbed her in the neck inside the restaurant where she worked.

She shares her incredible story of survival from her hospital bed.

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