Too many people, too much traffic, not enough houses…  politicians say it’s time to control population growth and protect Kiwi jobs. 

The answer, they’re suggesting, is to crack down on migrants. But will proposals to immigration laws cripple some industries? 

Is hospitality in for a big shakeup?  And what might it mean for you? 

Reporter: Miriama Kamo

Producers: Paul Deady, Jane Skinner

Cameras: Gary Hopper, Martin Anderson

Editor: Paul Anderson

Graphics: Nick Holmes



When Doctor Angela Jay matched with Paul Lambert on Tinder, he appeared to tick all the right boxes. 

He was tall and charming with a broad smile to match, but behind that smile was a dark history of stalking and violence. Repeatedly stabbed and doused in petrol in her own home, it was a miracle Angela survived. Hers is an incredible story of courage and survival. 

Channel 7 “SUNDAY NIGHT”