Dr Claire McLintock knows cancer all too well – she’s fought her own battle and helped other women through theirs. Now her old foe has returned, and this time it’s terminal. 

An expensive drug just released on the New Zealand market could keep her alive for much longer, and for Claire, it’s a hope worth betting on. 

Reporter:       Mark Crysell
Producer:       Louisa Cleave
Cameras:       Gary Hopper, Ken Dorman
Editor:           Gareth Pearce


He’s lived a lifetime of rock n’ roll – but former Pink Floyd bassist and vocalist Roger Waters is also an activist - controversial and fearless in his political views. With the release of his first solo album in 25 years, and ahead of touring NZ next year, Waters sits down with SUNDAY for an exclusive interview. 

Reporter:        Rebecca Wright
Producer:       Joanne Mitchell
Camera:          Cam Williams
Editor:            Bleddyn Parry 

Fitness craze or unhealthy obsession? 

With her impossibly toned physique, Ashy Bines has built an empire on motivating women to achieve health and happiness. She has a fan club of new mums who’ll do anything to get back to their pre-baby size. 

But Bines’ pursuit of a slender bikini body has also provoked outrage with some saying that she’s causing body image issues and that women are being driven to the brink in their quest for perfection.