He's been a MP for 33 years, a Minister, a deputy Prime Minister but Winston Peters is still something of a mystery to voters. At 72, is he fighting for political relevance or will he be in the driver’s seat once again when it comes to forming the next government?  He consistently refuses to say which way he will go but a week out from the election, he’s allowed SUNDAY to jump on board the straight talk express.

Reporter:       Mark Crysell
Producer:      Paul Deady
Cameras:       Gary Hopper, Peter Day, Clint Bruce
Editor:           Gareth Pearce 


The Kiwi dream of home ownership is becoming just that – a dream. We now have the lowest rate of home ownership in nearly seventy years. And that’s because for decades now, house prices have increased much faster than most incomes, leaving a generation of renters - often in old, run-down accommodation. But, ahead of the 2017 election, can renters flex their political muscle and demand better conditions? 

Reporter:       John Hudson
Producers:     Dale Owens, Joanne Mitchell
Cameras:       Martin Anderson, Barrington West, Kontent Productions
Editor:           Bleddyn Parry  


These are the felines making an absolute fortune – cats who’ve become internet sensations, starring in viral videos and funny photos and raking in mega bucks for their owners.  It’s become a million dollar business – but why this fascination – even obsession – with the behaviour of cats? 

Channel 7 “SUNDAY NIGHT”


Hundreds of metres below the earth’s surface two men struggle to discover a new entrance into one of New Zealand’s most spectacular caves. Mike and Dave love being deep underground. The friends and cavers are on a mission to find a new entrance to a spectacular cave. It’s dark, it’s muddy and it’s confined – perilous danger mixed with a childlike obsession with crawling around in the mud.

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