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  • Sunday: September 10


    How far would you go to get justice for your father? 

    Ross Bush's family began their fight after he was killed when a building collapsed on him in Christchurch's massive 2011 earthquake. 

    A Royal Commission found the building was wrongly declared safe following the first 2010 earthquake, after an engineer’s insufficient inspection.  

    But six years on there has been no apology, no accountability, and no closure for the Bush family.

    Reporter:       Ian Sinclair Producers:    Steve Butler, Chris Cooke Cameras:       Gary Hopper, Ken Dorman Editor:           Bleddyn Parry 


    She’s the voice of a generation, with one of the best-selling records of all time. 

    Carole King fought her way into the record industry as a teenager and sold her first hit “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”, when she was just 17. 

    Now there’s an award-winning Broadway musical about her life. But there’s a side to Carole King that you won’t see on stage.   

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    At just four years old, Jenna Hansford has been through more trauma in her short life than most adults will ever endure.

    She was an active and healthy child until she contracted what appeared to be a standard flu, but soon revealed itself as a deadly strain of meningococcal disease.

    But Jenna is a battler, and with the help of her older sister, she’s made a remarkable recovery - surprising doctors and inspiring her family.

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