During the Vietnam War three Kiwi soldiers from the Victor 6 company carried out an act of extraordinary bravery under intense enemy fire.  Their brave and selfless actions saved the lives of two Australians who were critically injured when a rocket-propelled grenade fired by the Vietcong slammed into their tank. For 46 years their platoon commander has been pushing governments on both sides of the Tasman to award medals to these men but has been ignored. What’s become of those soldiers, and is it time NZ recognised the outstanding bravery of the Victor 6?

Reporter: Mark Crysell
Producer: Joanne Mitchell
Camera: Gary Hopper
Editor: Ben Selkirk


From playing fields resembling battlegrounds to emergency theatres with children going under the knife, there is an epidemic of serious injuries in junior sports. Surgeons say the disturbing sight of kids as young as eight years old undergoing major knee reconstructions has become all too common. How did kids start becoming seriously injured and how can it be stopped? 

Channel 7 “SUNDAY NIGHT”


She may appear to be a normal, happy 25-year old married woman, but Jessica Mayer is so much more. She shares her life with four other people, called ‘alters’.  It’s a condition known as dissociative identity disorder (DID). It means Jess lives as 5 different people, all inhabiting the same body – and four of them are male. 

Channel 7 “SUNDAY NIGHT”