Stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed - many of our teens are at breaking point. In the past decade the number of young people on medication for anxiety has doubled. Experts say parental expectations, academic pressures, and social media all play a role. How can we relieve the pressure? And could the answer be simpler than we think? Paralympic gold medallist Liam Malone opens up on how anxiety almost beat him, and how he overcame it. 

Reporter:       Jehan Casinader
Producer:       Kim Peacock
Cameras:       Gary Hopper, Martin Anderson, Ben Ireland, Suggie Hong
Editor:            Ben Selkirk


Sir Lloyd Geering – the 99-year old, distinguished professor and former Presbyterian minister is an unlikely radical. Geering was a man of God who openly rejected the fundamental ideas of Christian faith. Religion and God, he says, are outdated concepts – but where does that leave society? What do we worship? And, the big question, what’s the meaning of life?  

Reporter:             Miriama Kamo
Producer:            Paul Deady
Camera:               Gary Hopper, Ken Dorman, Phil Melville, Jeff Aldridge
Editor:                 Bleddyn Parry



He had it all - fame, money, success - but rock legend Jimmy Barnes was suffocating under the weight of it all. Following a drug and alcohol-fuelled performance in Auckland, he reveals he even tried to take his own life in his hotel room. This was the turning point, after decades of substance abuse, that he finally admitted his issues and sought help from a therapist.

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