Kiwis heading to Moscow in search of hope, convinced that stem cell therapy can halt their horrific disease. SUNDAY follows one desperate woman who leaves behind her baby to go to Russia, taking a gamble with her money and her life. Does this treatment work? Is it safe? And if so -  why isn’t it available here?

Reporter:       John Hudson
Producer:       Dale Owens
Cameras:       Martin Anderson, Ken Dorman, Andrei Erastov
Editor:            Ben Selkirk


We all try to live up to our family’s expectations, but Dr Matire Harwood has exceeded hers. This week, the clinical researcher, GP, mother of two and kapa haka teacher, won a prestigious scientific award -  the L’Oreal UNESCO For Women in Science fellowship. She’s part of the medical establishment but she’s also an activist, fighting for Maori to have equal treatment in our health system.

Reporter:             Mark Crysell
Producer:            Steve Butler
Camera:               Martin Anderson
Editor:                 Anthea Ede Smith



He’s known as ‘The Godfather’ by the comedy community for his longevity and experience. Scott Blanks has been giving rookie comedians a stage and an audience at Auckland’s ‘Classic’ comedy venue for 20 years now, and occasionally someone special comes along. Scott says he can spot it in seconds, and the way an audience laughs can alert him to a rising star. So who has he found this year? And can she go as far as some of his other discoveries?

Reporter:       Janet McIntyre
Producer:       Louisa Cleave
Cameras:       Martin Anderson, Gary Hopper, Ken Dorman
Editor:            Anthea Ede Smith


Fang Ruzhen is 79 and immigrated to Auckland to help raise her grandchildren. Seventeen years on, English is still a foreign language, but she has found community with other elderly Chinese grandparents through her daily ritual of riding the bus to the Asian supermarkets. A delightful and often-untold perspective of those who do not assimilate but are Kiwis as much as they are Chinese.