18-year-old Harry McLean had everything to live for. He was a talented artist, champion dancer and much-loved son.

But he lost his life after a short, sharp battle with depression. 

Harry was failed by the mental health system - a system that critics say is at breaking point.

SUNDAY investigates - and puts the tough questions to the man in charge.

Reporter: Jehan Casinader

Producer: Kim Peacock

Cameras: Gary Hopper, Ben Ireland, Martin Anderson, Phil Melville, Mark Wilson

Editor: Paul Anderson

Graphics: Adam Abernethy


Every single day, right across the country, dairies are being terrorised by armed thugs. A lot of them are getting away with it.

West Auckland dairy-owner Arun Kumar paid the ultimate price in 2014, killed by two teenagers in an attempted robbery.

His family has never spoken publicly about what they’ve been through but with this new wave of violence sweeping the country, they’ve come forward to tell their story to SUNDAY. 

Reporter: Janet McIntyre

Producer: Paul Deady

Cameras: Hayden Aull, Martin Anderson, Ben Ireland

Editors: Gary Young, Bleddyn Parry


Stored in a freezer at minus 26 degrees is potentially the most deadliest superbug yet discovered.  MCR-1 is a bacteria untreatable by even the world's strongest antibiotics.

We go inside the top-secret US military facility where scientists are desperately trying to beat this frightening contagion. 

It’s not difficult to contract one of these drug-resistant superbugs explains one Australian woman who lost her arm, shoulder and very nearly her life. 

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