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  • Sunday: May 21


    Could e- cigarettes or vaping  be the ultimate solution for those still trying to kick their smoking habit?

    Proponents say e-cigarettes are safe and are helping millions of people  around the world  to quit smoking.

    Sunday investigates the e-cigarette revolution, and the moves that one tobacco giant has been making.  

    Reporter:  Billie Jo Ropiha

    Producer: Mark Sleeman

    Camera:  Ken Dorman

    Editor: Paul Anderson


    It’s one of our great forgotten sports stories  and it was forged out of tragedy.

    Half a century ago a shy young  West Coaster stood on top of the running world when his hometown needed him most.  

    Mark Crysell with the remarkable  story of marathon runner Dave McKenzie.

    Reporter: Mark Crysell

    Producer: Steve Butler

    Camera: Ken Dorman

    Editor:  Ben Selkirk, Paul Anderson 


    Give Tourette’s sufferer Adam Ladell a microphone and the chance to sing and the 18 year old’s Tourette syndrome instantly disappears.

    In fact Adam sings so well he was last year’s runner-up on The Voice.

    Adam Ladell and his mates share what it’s like to live with this frustrating and sometimes misunderstood disorder.

    Sunday Night - Channel 7