It’s silent and deadly. A killer gene that destroys your brain, robbing you of the ability to think, speak and control your movements. Hundreds of Kiwis are facing this cruel inheritance – and there’s no cure. But researchers are determined to lift this genetic curse. And they’re getting help from a group of ordinary Kiwis – from beyond the grave.

Reporter: Jehan Casinader

Producer: Paul Deady

Cameras: Martin Anderson, Gary Hopper, Ken Dorman

Editor: Bleddyn Parry


On an island in the Mediterranean so many residents have surpassed the age of 100 that it's been nicknamed 'The Island of the Immortals'. But they’re not the only ones who say they have the answers. Reporter Denham Hitchcock tries an extreme diet designed to increase your lifespan and meets the scientists who say their miracle pill will help us live longer and better.

Channel 7 “SUNDAY NIGHT”


The Colourist is part of the "Loading Docs" New Zealand documentary series that aims to captivate and inspire audiences and develop New Zealand film making talent. Here, co-directors Greg Wood and Peter Alsop’s film brings us the story of Grace Rawson, who worked for Whites Aviation hand colouring black and white aerial photos and turning them into classic works of Kiwi art.