It’s our most commonly diagnosed cancer but also one we just don’t want to talk about. Bowel cancer kills 1200 Kiwis a year.

For men it’s as common as prostate cancer, for women, as common as breast cancer.

A national screening programme is about to launch – but there’s a catch. It’s only available to those over the age of 60. And that’s where the controversy starts.

Reporter: Miriama Kamo

Producers: Dale Owens, Chris Cooke

Cameras: Ken Dorman, Gary Hopper

Editor: Bleddyn Parry


To an outsider, a fear of spiders, heights, the dentist or birds can seem irrational.  But phobias are a real and debilitating form of anxiety. Now an innovative new treatment is using virtual reality tools inspired by video games to help people overcome their fears. 

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Interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen – or ‘LLB’ – is known for his flamboyant outfits, as well as his outrageous sense of humour as a judge on home renovation reality shows. Channel 7’s Melissa Doyle visits LLB and family in their luxurious Cotswolds mansion.

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