A rite of passage for many Kiwi teens is turning 18 and getting into bars to get boozed.

But you might be surprised to know that our biggest problem drinkers are young women under the age of 24. New research from Massy University shows a small but extreme group of young women abusing alcohol at high levels with serious consequences.

SUNDAY goes for a night on the town with the pre-loaders, the party girls and the police.

Reporter: Melissa Stokes

Producer: Joanne Mitchell

Cameras: Ben Ireland, Gary Hopper, Martin Anderson, Ken Dorman

Editor: Ben Selkirk


Reon Nolan’s father died when he was 11 - his loss and pain developed into a life of crime.

In prison, his turning point came after being bashed and strangled in a cell.

When a prison officer helped save him, he vowed to turn his back on crime and inspire others needing help.

A decade on, he’s helping other young men turn their lives around - using mountain bikes as the catalyst for change.

Reporter: Billie Jo Ropiha

Producer: Mark Sleeman

Cameras: Ken Dorman

Editor: Paul Anderson


They’re the unexpected players in the battle for Mosul - Helly Luv, a glamorous Kurdish pop star, and Erin Joyce, a child trauma specialist from downunder. Together, they’re making a difference in the war against Islamic State.  We go inside the city of Mosul in the last days of the ISIS empire.

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