When SUNDAY first met Lilia Tarawa, she’d been brainwashed.  Born in the isolated religious sect Gloriavale, the 16 year old had been raised to believe everyone in the outside world was destined to burn in hell.  Her life was one of obedience and submission. A decade on Lilia is a sassy, young woman who embraces her body, her voice, and her freedom.  She finally has a mind of her own.  It’s been a painful journey, facing her own demons, leaving behind the family members she loves, and finding out who Lilia really is.

Reporter:       Janet McIntyre
Producers:    Chris Cooke, Kim Peacock
Cameras:       Ken Dorman, Chris Cooke
Editor:           Ben Selkirk


Back in the early 70s, some Cantabrians had a vision to turn Mount Hutt into a commercial ski field. It was a challenging and inhospitable environment, but Austrian immigrant Willi Huber spent a winter alone on the mountain braving storms to make this skifield dream a reality. What makes Willi’s story even more remarkable is his haunting Nazi past as a SS soldier that put him on history’s frontline. 

Reporter:       Cameron Bennett
Producer:       Dale Owens
Camera:          Martin Anderson
Editor:            Ben Selkirk


Colin “Pinetree” Meads was one of the greatest players to ever pull on the All Black jersey and the archetype for the good Kiwi bloke. Sadly, last week, at age 81, he died of cancer. SUNDAY pays tribute with never-before-seen interview footage of the legendary Sir Colin and his wife Lady Verna.


She's the woman who knew Elvis Presley better than one else - his ex-wife Priscilla who first met him when she was only 14. Together, Elvis, Priscilla and their daughter Lisa-Marie were one of the most famous families in the world. And 40 years after his death in August 1977, the Elvis legend lives on. Priscilla shares treasured memories and untold stories of her life with The King. 

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