John Hudson investigates the plans for a new open cast mine on a mountain top overlooking Westport that has passions running high. 

The region has been hit hard by lay-offs, and most locals back the new enterprise and the jobs it offers. However the Te Kuha site is unique, and there are those who say with the global threat of climate change all coal should be left in the ground . 

Reporter: John  Hudson 

Producers: Paul Deady  

Camera:  Ken Dorman

Editor: Gareth Pearce 


Celebrity chef Pete Evans takes on his critics and defends his controversial paleo lifestyle. 

We join Pete and his wife Nicola Robinson, the kiwi model formerly known as Nicky Watson, on their rural retreat in northern New South Wales for a taste of the paleo way. 

Nicola  talks about finding love with Pete, her new clean living lifestyle, and her deep regrets over her famous implants. 

Sunday Night Channel 7


It’s a race for riches in one of the most inhospitable places on earth: the deepest depths of the ocean. 

In a contest much like the space race of the 1960’s countries are competing to explore and lay claim to the riches on the ocean floor. 

China is leading the charge, and we join their most experienced submariner on a  deep dive that nearly ends in disaster.  

Sunday Night - Channel 7 

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