Should we pass a law allowing doctors to help people end their lives? After the election MPs will vote on whether to legalise euthanasia.

But big questions remain – that could fundamentally change our society. Is helping someone to die a compassionate act which allows dignity in death? Or does it legitimise a risky option that could endanger the vulnerable?

We meet an unlikely advocate for assisted dying who reveals, for the first time, why he believes we have the right to die, on our own terms.

Reporter:       Miriama Kamo
Producer:      Paul Deady
Cameras:       Ken Dorman, Martin Anderson, Gary Hopper
Editor:           Warwick Meade


Miranda Harcourt and Stuart McKenzie are the husband and wife team behind new local film ‘The Changeover’ – a project decades in the making. They explain why they had to go to counselling to shoot their film, who their star-studded actors are and what it was like to work in red zone Christchurch.

Reporter:       Mark Crysell
Additional reporting: Emma Keeling
Producer:      Joanne Mitchell
Cameras:       Gary Hopper, Peter Day, Will Green
Editor:           Bleddyn Parry


Terror at a pop concert. Children die, and after the sirens comes grief and fury.

Manchester put on a brave face, after one of its own sons bombed the Ariana Grande pop concert in late May. Twenty-two people had been killed and 116 more injured.

But how does a city recover? We go into Manchester's Muslim community to find the hard and revealing conversations going on.

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