While the debate over marriage equality rages in Australia, hundreds of same-sex couples are crossing to the ditch to wed here. But behind the happiest of days are also stories of heartbreak, and families torn apart. We speak exclusively to the New Zealand-born pastor confronting his daughter’s decision to marry her girlfriend as part of a reality TV series.

Reporter: Mark Crysell

Producers: Louisa Cleave, Joanne Mitchell, Chris Cooke

Cameras: Ken Dorman, Chris Cooke
Editor: Bleddyn Parry


President Trump promised to build a wall the length of the Mexico-US border, and it helped get him elected. Why is the idea so popular? Channel 7’s Mike Amor visits both sides of the border, meeting fearful ranchers on one side and desperate would-be migrants on the other.

Channel 7 “SUNDAY NIGHT”


He’s the new king of Kiwi motorcycling, performing seemingly impossible stunts on a massive Harley Davidson motorbike.

But Kingi Walters’ own life story is even more stunning than the dangerous tricks he performs.

REPORTER: Billie Jo Ropiha

PRODUCER: Steve Butler

EDITOR: Ben Selkirk

CAMERAS: Martin Anderson, Gary Hopper