She was badly injured, unable to move and stranded alone in a Californian desert, with no cell phone reception and little food and water.  

For four days, Kiwi traveller Claire Nelson thought she might die there.

She tells her extraordinary tale of survival exclusively to Sunday, sharing the remarkable am-cam footage she shot during her terrifying ordeal.  

Reporter:            Tania Page
Producer:            Steve Butler
Editor:                  Gareth Pearce
Cameras:             Joseph Day, Martin Anderson 


In just one phone call, Ken Allen’s life was turned upside down and forever changed.

The school principal in his 60s receiving the startling news he was the father of eleven children he never knew he had.  

We follow Ken’s remarkable journey, where he comes face to face with the kids he fathered as a sperm donor, many years ago.   

Channel 7 “SUNDAY NIGHT”


In a case of art imitating life, renowned actor and filmmaker Chelsie Preston Crayford pulls back the curtains on co-parenting in her acclaimed short film, ‘Falling Up’.

Best-known for her roles in shows like Underbelly, The Code and Ash vs Evil Dead, she’s now following in the footsteps of her famous film-maker mother, Gaylene Preston.

Inspired by Chelsie's raw, no-nonsense style, Miriama Kamo met the filmmaker on a typical day as a working mum. 

Reporter:        Miriama Kamo
Producers:      Paul Deady, Julia Sartorio    
Camera:          Martin Anderson
Editor:             Paul Anderson