Libby McKay had it all ahead of her, but five years ago she died of a serious head injury on her way home from a Christchurch party.

Her boyfriend told police she'd fallen from his car at 70 km/h.

The police say they couldn’t establish evidence of a crime but for Libby's mother there are serious questions that need answering. 

Was it a tragic accident or something else?  Could new research force this case to be reopened? 

Reporter:       Mark Crysell
Producers:    Steve Butler, Chris Cooke
Cameras:       Gary Hopper, Joseph Day, Chris Cooke
Editor:           Paul Anderson


It was the relationship that made headlines around the world. The US school teacher, Mary Kay Letourneau and her secret affair with a 12-year-old student Vili Fuala'au. 

Mary was jailed twice for the relationship, having two children to the under-aged Vili – their first daughter while on trial, and a second while in prison. 

Over 20 years later and surprisingly, they are still together.  We ask if it’s love that’s kept them together or something else?  And we speak to their now-adult children about their unusual family.   

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