They call it white gold – a delicacy selling for $130/kg in fish shops right now. Whitebait is on the menu at some of our finest restaurants., but that could all come to an end very soon.

According to DOC, whitebait are facing extinction. There are calls for recreational catch limits and for a complete commercial ban. But are we being fed the truth? Do we really know what's happening to this taonga? 

Reporter:        Matt Chisolm
Producer:       Mava Enoka
Camera:       Gary Hopper
Editor:           Paul Anderson


She lost two of her children in the tragic Dreamworld disaster of 2016. Now Kim Dorsett returns for the first time to the place where her children were killed.  

She talks the fateful sequences of events leading up to the tragedy and how her son’s extraordinary act of courage saved her granddaughter’s life. 

Kim’s quest now is to find out the truth about why her children died a senseless death.

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They stand up three metres tall, can weigh 700 kilograms fully grown and while majestic, have a set of menacing canine teeth superbly engineered for one thing – eating meat. 

With the effect of climate change transforming the areas where they live and hunt ,these formidable killers are faced with starvation and are now moving in on tiny frontier settlements like Churchill in Canada – the polar bear capital of the world. 

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