John Tanner was a young Kiwi student when he murdered his girlfriend at Oxford University in the UK. 

After more than a decade in prison, he was deported back to NZ and kept a low profile until recently, when another partner encountered his violence.

We have the exclusive story of Tanner’s offending and investigate what the police are doing to prosecute those responsible for our shocking rates of family violence. 

Reporter:        Janet McIntyre
Producer:       Louisa Cleave
Editor:            Gareth Pearce
Cameras:        Joseph Day, Martin Anderson


It’s 25 years since cult leader and self-proclaimed prophet David Koresh led his followers to a fiery death at a compound at Waco, Texas. 

SUNDAY meets two Kiwi sisters who joined the cult and say they were brainwashed to believe Koresh was the Son of God.

They describe life inside Koresh’s Kingdom, how they were told all women belonged to their prophet and what led to their escape.

Reporter:          Mark Crysell
Producer:         Mava Enoka
Camera:           Martin Anderson
Editor:              Paul Anderson


She stands just over a metre tall, and has faced plenty of challenges being shorter than most of us.

But Kobie Donovan says she loves being the odd one out, and refuses to let her size get in the way of anything. Her biggest dream - victory at the World Dwarf Games.

Channel 7 “SUNDAY NIGHT”