The Harvey Weinstein case exposed an ugly side of our culture.

Finally, victims of sexual assault and harassment are speaking up. But where are the voices of men?                                           

Thousands of Kiwi guys bear the scars of childhood sexual abuse. They’re our dads, brothers, partners and mates – but many suffer in silence.

This week, three brave men tell SUNDAY what they endured, and how they’re starting to heal. 

Reporter:        Jehan Casinader
Producer:       Kim Peacock
Cameras:       Gary Hopper, Joseph Day, Martin Anderson, Jake Farani-Faga
Editor:            Gareth Pearce


Just weeks away from her 70th birthday, Olivia Newton-John sits down for a candid interview about her family, her loves and her cancer scares. 

After an extraordinary career lasting decades – we find out about the shy girl who moved to London in the 60s and how years later, John Travolta had to persuade her to star in ‘Grease’. 

Now she reminisces along with celebrity friends like Cliff Richard, and shares what’s helping fight off her cancer for the third time. 

Channel 7 “SUNDAY NIGHT”