Kate Weatherly was just an average downhill mountain biker. But that was when she was a man. This year Kate became a female and won the national women's downhill mountain biking title. It caused a firestorm among her fellow competitors. Does she have an unfair advantage?

Sunday is with Kate as she conquers the elements, and her critics, at New Zealand's largest mountain biking event and we meet Arin, Kate's partner and most ardent supporter, who is also transgender. 

Reporter:          Matt Chisholm
Producer:          Steve Butler
Cameras:          Martin Anderson, Gary Hopper, Joseph Day
Editor:              Paul Anderson


He doesn’t yet shave, has never had a girlfriend, and  is still learning to drive – but Nico Porteous is already one of the greatest snow sports athletes on the planet – at 16, our youngest ever Olympic medallist.  SUNDAY goes slope-side with Nico, the first time he’s set skis back on South Island snow since Pyeongchang, Korea.  Nico had never before pulled off the heart-stopping, multi-flip run that earned him Olympic Bronze; he is constantly battling  nerves and injuries as he pushes himself to go harder, higher and more extreme.  And he’s now confronting an avalanche of wannabe girlfriends!

Reporter:       Janet McIntyre
Producer:      Julia Sartorio
Cameras:       Joseph Day
Editor:           Paul Anderson