Six-year-old Coral Burrows was brutally murdered in Featherston in 2003. The case shook the nation – and she instantly became a symbol for our horrific record of child abuse.

Fifteen years on, Coral's family and friends tell SUNDAY about how they rebuilt their shattered lives.

And we reveal Coral’s legacy – one that has helped to save other Kiwi kids.

Reporter: Jehan Casinader

Producer: Kim Peacock

Cameras: Gary Hopper, Andrew Dalton, Byron Radford

Editors: Debbie Matthews

Graphics: Nick Holmes, Andy Smirnov  



She was publicly shamed as a 'serial liar' by the Aussie tabloid magazines – but actress and comedian Rebel Wilson is setting the record straight.

The Aussie actor superstar reveals her relentless battle to clear her name, and her multi-million dollar defamation payout. But it’s a fight that's still not over.

Channel 7 “SUNDAY NIGHT”



Meet the Antifa, the U.S. militant far-left movement fighting the far-right.

One controversial and radical group call themselves ‘Redneck Revolt’. It might sound like a right wing neo-Nazi group, but it’s just the opposite. They’re a citizens’ militia that totes guns in the name of community defence and part of a new movement of self-proclaimed anti-fascists and anti-racists.

ABC “Foreign Correspondent”