SUNDAY goes behind the scenes at rodeo’s biggest show of the year – and meets the cowboys, the animals and those trying to save them.

Is this hundred year tradition, once a cornerstone of country life, now past its use-by date. Is it cruel or is it just sport?

Reporter:                   Janet McIntyre

Producer:                  Dale Owens

Cameras:                   Martin Anderson

Editor:                       Paul Anderson



She’s a runner, a writer, a fighter, a scholar, a mother and a teacher.

She’s also New Zealand’s Poet Laureate.

Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh is a dynamic academic who wants to bust open people's ideas of poetry and where it belongs because - she says - poetry belongs everywhere.

Producer:                   Joanne Mitchell

Cameras:                    Gary Hopper,  Martin Anderson

Editor:                        Gareth Pearce



When Bree Robinson, a twenty-one-year-old Gold Coast cheerleader, fell eleven storeys to her death, her boyfriend – Dan Shearin - stood on the sidelines, calmly calling his lawyer.

He was the only person in the room with her that night.

Police eventually ruled the death a suicide, but Bree’s family was very suspicious. The story didn’t add up.

In this investigation, we speak to the key person who knows the answers – her boyfriend.

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