They are 24-year old, university-educated Kiwis from different ends of the country, so how on earth did they end up in Syria fighting against ISIS?

Ashlee and Sores aren’t mercenaries, nor are they trained soldiers, but they have willingly signed up for a war that the UN believes has killed more than 400,000 people.

In this exclusive interview with SUNDAY, Ashlee and Sores explain why they risked their lives to join the Kurdish YPG and YPJ armies.

Reporter:                   John Hudson

Producers:                 Paul Deady, Chris Cooke

Cameras:                   Martin Anderson, Will Green

Editor:                        Ben Selkirk

Graphics:                   Nick Holmes



The maverick Kiwi principal who is shaking up education in the USA - turning troubled schools into winners.  

Hamish Brewer – a tattooed, skateboarder originally from West Auckland - failed School Cert twice when he was a teen.

But, he says, he's only just getting started. He wants to be the best principal on the planet

Reporter:                   Rebecca Wright

Producer:                   Steve Butler

Cameras:                   Cam Williams, Martin Anderson

Editor:                        Bleddyn Parry



Are your kids addicted to their screens?

Parents might be happy enough for electronic devices to be homework help or a digital babysitter, but how hooked are children becoming?

New medical evidence shows ipads and smartphones aren’t as harmless as they look, and affect the brain in a similar way to heroin, causing addiction.

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