It’s a colossal industry. Banks in NZ make by far the biggest profits of any business sector. 

Trouble is most of that profit heads west across the Tasman to the banks' Australian owners, the same owners who are currently being publicly vilified, even accused of criminal behaviour in the course of an unprecedented Royal Commission. "There's nothing to worry about in New Zealand", the banks want us to believe. 

But that's not what current bank employees here have been telling SUNDAY.

Reporter:       Janet McIntyre
Producer:       Steve Butler
Editor:            Paul Anderson
Cameras:       Martin Anderson, Joe Day, Gary Hopper


Meet the modern-day Dr Frankenstein who is about to carry out the most radical surgery ever – transplanting a human head. Flamboyant Italian physician Professor Sergio Canavero says he’s perfected the techniques required to perform this previously impossible surgery. The doctor says it will allow the severely disabled to walk again by having their heads transplanted onto healthy bodies.

Some say he’s a madman, others believe he’s a genius. But, either way, Professor Canavero now has a patient willing to put his life on the line in the name of science.

Channel 7 “SUNDAY NIGHT”


Michael Hobbs – son of former All Black and rugby legend Jock Hobbs – is dedicating himself to a dream he knows his father would have approved of. 

Before his death, Jock had told Michael of his pride in his philanthropic work and how he wished he’d begun doing it sooner 

It spurred Michael on with a plan to build a school for 300 children in an African slum. But how did the Kenyan school children become unlikely collateral damage in a culture war with President Trump? 

And will Michael’s ambition be realised?                          

Reporter:       Rebecca Wright
Producer:    Julie Clothier
Camera:       Johnny Frohman
Editor:           Bleddyn Parry