Conversion therapy – also known as spiritual healing or praying the gay away – refers to the practice of “curing” same sex attraction.

Though the practice has been discredited by the NZ’s leading mental-health organisations, and has been banned in some parts of the world, it’s still legal here. 

SUNDAY spoke with three gay men about the conversion therapy they’ve been through. And we go undercover – where it was surprisingly easy to find people willing to help. 

Reporter:       Matt Chisolm
Producers:    Paul Deady, Louisa Cleave
Cameras:       Gary Hopper, Joseph Day
Editor:           Paul Anderson 


Two years ago Kiwi woman Cindy Waldron was holidaying on a remote Australian beach with her best friend, Leeann Mitchell. 

Arm-in-arm, standing in knee-deep water, Cindy was grabbed by a crocodile. The women tried to fight it off, but Cindy was dragged away and killed. 

This was an area where croc sightings are rare. Leeann reveals what happened that terrifying night as Cindy’s death re-ignites the fierce debate about culling the growing population of the deadly predators. 

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