Auckland Zoo has been an icon of the city for nearly a century. The jewel in its crown? A pride of lions.
There were once 11 mighty lions, but only two remained – Kura and Amira.
As these lions reached the end of their natural lives, the zookeepers faced a dilemma. Should they be euthanised?
SUNDAY's cameras follow zoo staff as they face the most difficult and possibly heartbreaking decisions of their careers.

Reporter:       Jehan Casinader
Producer:      Joanne Mitchell
Cameras:       Gary Hopper, Joseph Day, Hayden Aull
Editor:           Ben Selkirk


It’s the biggest political sex scandal in decade.
Across the ditch, former Kiwi, and former Australian deputy PM, Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion go on the record about their illicit affair
Raw, honest, and emotional - they speak about how they got together, how they dealt with the shock pregnancy and the pressure that almost drove her to do the unthinkable.

Channel 7 “SUNDAY NIGHT”


She was once ashamed to be Maori – so it’s ironic that she's now celebrating Maori cuisine.
Chef Monique Fiso made a name for herself in NYC, working in Michelin-star restaurants.
But the notoriously tough cooking world resulted in Monique battling anxiety, drugs and alcohol. With her trademark determination she decided to make a shift and came home to discover a new style of cooking, and a new side to herself.

Reporter:       Miriama Kamo
Producer:      Joanne Mitchell
Cameras:       Gary Hopper, Aaron McLean
Editor:           Paul Anderson