A small farming community awakes to absolute devastation. After a night of heavy rain, a million tonnes of forestry waste comes crashing down the slopes, smashing anything in its way. Some locals are angry that forestry is allowed to operate on some of the most erodible land in the country, but others feel forestry's a vital industry that pumps millions of dollars into the economy. So who is to blame and who pays the multi-million dollar clean-up bill?

Reporter: Matt Chisholm
Producers: Louisa Cleave and Mava Enoka
Editor: Paul Anderson
Camera: Joseph Day


Black blood runs in the veins of 17 year old Brigham Riwai-Couch. Maori All Blacks on his mum’s side and his dad’s Grandfather was Ben Couch, an All Black from 1947 – 1949, whose international career was cruelly shortened after he was prevented from touring South Africa because he was Maori. Almost 70 years later his great grandson Brigham set off to South Africa to right the wrong.  

Reporter:        Mark Crysell
Producer:       Kim Peacock                
Cameras:        Joseph Day, Jason Boswell
Editor:            Paul Anderson


To his believers, he’s known simply as ‘The Healer’. Charlie Goldsmith claims he can cure the sick without even touching them. Arthritis, infections, chronic pain – Charlie says he can heal them all with his mysterious energy alone. He does it for free and he has plenty of patients who will attest to his inexplicable powers. But is he truly a healer or is it all a hoax? 

Channel 7 “SUNDAY NIGHT”