Plastic transformed our lives – but now, we’re drowning in it. Recycling plants are bursting at the seams, as Kiwis throw out more rubbish than ever. With a waste crisis on our hands, experts say it’s time to radically change our lifestyles. Can we live without plastic? SUNDAY investigates.

Reporter: Jehan Casinader
Producer: Paul Deady
Cameras: Gary Hopper, Joseph Day
Editor: Paul Anderson


What drove Peter Miles to shoot his four grandchildren, his daughter and his wife, before turning a gun on himself? The tragedy stunned the world and was Australia’s worst mass shooting since Port Arthur in 1996. Denham Hitchcock sits down with Aaron Cockman - the father who lost his family in the Margaret River massacre - to discover the answer. 

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They were the sound of summer. Catchy, feel-good pop songs that spoke of sun, surf and southern California. But behind the music, drug abuse and in-fighting pushed them to the edge. It’s only now the surviving members are speaking out about those tumultuous years.

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