Work hard and you should be able to enjoy a decent life, or at least be able to pay the rent, right? Well for some working Kiwis living pay check to pay check that's not happening. 

It's the impact of rising rents and low wages that's biting hard as breadwinners are earning crusts and eating crumbs.  

But it's an issue that's hidden by feelings of stigma, embarrassment and often shock that full time work doesn't guarantee financial security. 

Reporter:       Tania Page
Producer:       Julia Sartorio
Editor:            Paul Anderson
Cameras:        Martin Anderson, Joseph Day, Steve Lawton, Phillip Melville & Daniel O’Sullivan


Calyn Hoad was only seven when he threw himself in front of a four-wheel-drive to save his little brother’s life, suffering massive brain damage. Doctors were uncertain he would even wake up.

We meet up with Calyn almost four years on, when he’s suffered another tragic blow -  almost dying not once, but twice when he contracted a life-threatening bacterial meningitis infection. 

Channel 7 “SUNDAY NIGHT”


She’s a household name and a mega-star who’s been creating hits for over six decades. This week SUNDAY sits down for an exclusive interview with Cher – the singer, movie star, fashion icon and political activist.

She reveals the cost of being a working mum, the ups and downs of her career, and puts a request to our Prime Minister. 

Reporter:       Joy Reid
Producer:       Joanne Mitchell
Camera:         Will Green
Editor:            Gareth Pearce